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Your home represents the largest single investment in your portfolio. Between mortgage payments, general maintenance and the risk you took when purchasing your home, you expect to gain a return on your investment in the form of equity when you sell your home at a profit.

When the time comes to sell your property, do you want to give away some of your hard-earned profit to someone who will be doing things that you can do yourself? Real estate agents will gladly assist you in selling your home in exchange for 6% of the sale price…this is money coming directly out of your investment and can add up to thousands of dollars!

We at Property Hitmen take the mystery out of the home selling process. Whether you are an experienced home seller looking for an edge in selling your home through our extensive selling network or are new to the For Sale by Owner industry and would like to use our consulting expertise to help get your house to market, we can help.

Property Hitmen will help you sell your home by:

  • Actively marketing your home to prospective buyers and real estate investors.
  • Providing the tools you need to get your home on the market fast.
  • Assisting you through every step in the process with our marketing materials and with the help of our customer service hotline.
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