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At Property Hitmen, we understand that a part of selling your home with confidence is understanding what your home is worth in todays current market. Although there are many factors that come into play to determine the sale price of a home, as each home will have its own unique benefits, it is important that you know what other similar home in your area are selling for in order to price your home effectively to sell.

Of course you can pay a realtor a massive commission to help you with pricing and other issues you can handle on your own, but save your money. Before you sign a contract with a realtor locking you into giving them your hard earned equity off of the sale of your home, take advantage of our "For Sale By Owner" experts and get a free home price consultation.

By filling out the form below, our real estate experts will be able to research real estate prices of similar homes in your area and provide you with a guidline of what you can expect to get for your home in todays market. Once we receive your request, you will be contacted with the results within 3 business days.

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